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Here's the process to become a member.

First, members support must be women or girls interested in developing within Information Security. If you're a woman or girl not interested in developing in InfoSec but would still like to support, you can apply to become a volunteer.

It's a simple 3 step process to become a part of our wonderful initiative.



Our community runs on Discord, a highly respected voice and text chat platform that supports professionals to work, talk, share and build a community. For the best experience, please download the Discord mobile app for your device using the links below. .After the mobile app is installed, please click on our invite link below to join.

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Review and Verification

Once you have joined our group in Discord, we will assess whether you are a Member or Volunteer and give you access to the supportive channels you need.



Once accepted, you will have access to our discussion channels, where we provide continuous support and updates towards supporting our women and girls towards success. Below is just a sample of channels.


Thoughts from our community

WISC is a catalyst for change addressing the issues faced by women and young girls in the information security industry. It is an invaluable community that provides support, guidance and training for members to excel in their respective endeavours.

Shaista Peart

WISC is providing the framework for open dialogue between women. Although culturally there might be differences, knowing someone is there that you can relate to from a gender POV is helpful and “a breath of fresh air”.

Taneisha Mitchell

This initiative is important because it will highlight the security field, while simultaneously encouraging and supporting women to be apart of it.

Kimberly Whyte

I believe in the purpose of the WISC initiative to foster growth of women and girls within the Information Security. It is both timely and warranted and will improve the cyber security workforce gender gap.

Ricardo Gowdie

Women are underrepresented in the industry and as such Women in Security is an excellent venture that will empower the Security industry in the Caribbean and help bring it to the forefront.

Rojaun Reid

I'm convinced that, the Women In Information Security Caribbean initiative will undoubtedly help to create more opportunities for women and girls to be a part of the information security industry. Furthermore, it is a commitment to the Caribbean in supporting the fight against cyber-crime.

Kurtes Allen

I think the Women In Information Security Caribbean is a good initiative, where women can actively participate in Security and are inspired and motivated to join InfoSec as a viable career option.

Andrae Harding