Leveling the field

Becoming a Volunteer means you are a part of a positive and powerful mission.

Who are Volunteers

Our volunteers are men, boys and others across various IT specialisations. Also women and girls who want to support our initiative but are not directly interested in developing a career in Information Security.

What Volunteers do

Volunteers realise the value in supporting our goals and contribute in various ways such as participating in events, advocacy, sharing their knowledge, promoting our mission to their colleagues, friends and relatives.

Gavin Dennis
Cyber Security Consultant
Gerron Thomas BSc., CISA, CAMS
Risk Management Professional
Ricardo Gowdie BSc.
IT System Engineer
Rojaun Reid, BSc.
System Support Specialist
Kurtes Allen, BSc.
Technology Consultant
Andrae Harding, BSc.
IT Security Engineer
Davrice Richards, BSc.
Cyber Security Engineer
Michael Anthony Shamar Dunn, NSE4, Security+
Network Administrator

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